What They're Saying About Us

"We love our Madeline's Box clips because they're a cute, practical way to
keep Lyla's binkies off the ground. They're also incredibly helpful when
I'm frantically digging through my diaper bag to uncover a binky - which
always seems to happen in a moment of distress! It¹s so nice to be able to
find them way faster because of the leather clip attached."
- Corrine Stokes from Mint Arrow 


"My daughter uses her clips every day!I love Madeline’s Box clips because they are easy to use, come in the best color combos, and they are simply darling. I don’t know what we would’ve done without them the last year!"
- Elle Rowley from Sollybaby.


"We love our Madelines.Box paci clips so much! Not only are they functional but they are beautiful and durable. And, with endless color options so that your babe is always matching. We always keep one on Willow, one in the diaper bag, and one clipped on the car seat. Not to mention, they make the cutest baby gift too!"
- Sarah Pounds @mrs_pounds  
"I’m not sure about your kids, but Rylee is obsessed with temporary tattoos.  So she kind of freaked over these temporary tattoo earrings & watches!" - Kelli Murray
"Madeline's Box makes some of the most sleek and attractive pacifier clips. We love the braided leather clips. It goes with any outfit and never goes out of style."
- The Freshly Picked Team