What's in my Hospital Bag

I’m now 37 weeks pregnant and figured it was time to pack my hospital bag! It’s completely up to you when to have your hospital bag packed, but they say it’s best to have it packed at least 37 week pregnant, so I took it to heart. TIP: Leave your hospital bag in your car incase of emergency or your doctor sends you to labor & delivery after an appointment ( like what happened to me my first time around. My first born, Madeline, was born 6 weeks early). It’s always nice to be prepared!


I’m no pro by any means, but I wanted to share what I’ve packed in my bag!


Let’s talk about the necessities first.

Don’t forget your glasses or contact lens items if you wear them. Bring your favorite lotion and lip balm as your lips can get really dry and uncomfortable. ( My favorites are HERE and HERE.) Bring along your favorite books, ipad, laptop with movies downloaded, and your favorite calming music. Good music is always good for the soul, especially in a hospital room. Don’t forget those pony tail holders and the rest of your toiletries too!


Bring a good pair of slippers or slip on shoes. My Birkenstocks have been my best friend lately. I’ve recently purchased these non-skid socks to help me stay comfortable during my hospital stay. I highly recommend bringing your favorite pillow from home ( different color other than white so it doesn’t get mixed up with the hospital pillows.) I also recommend bringing a warm, soft blanket or two as their blankets aren’t super comfortable.


You’ll need a good going home outfit. Choose something comfortable and loose fitting. I recently found these nursing bras and they’re quite comfortable. I’m excited to wear this soft robe while in recovery with my baby. I’ve also packed a night gown and these are hands down my favorite. Bring a nice fluffy bath towel too as theirs are usually thin and small.


If you’re planning on nursing, pack some nursing pads, nipple cream, and your breast pump. I'm excited to try out the Willow Pump since being hands free sounds incredibly awesome at this stage of life. I always bring along my nursing pillow and nipple shields just incase nursing is a struggle. I'm excited to try THIS to help ease the pain! 


Don’t forget about your partner! If your partner will be staying with you, be sure to have a little bag packed for him as well. Some items I’ve thought of that he’ll need are: cell phone charger ( don’t forget yours as well!), change of clothes / toiletries, list of people to call when the baby arrives, iPad / books, camera, charger, memory card, his pillow / blanket, snacks and beverages.


And don’t forget items for that sweet new bundle about to join your family! Here are some items I’m bringing along:

Pacifier Clip + Bibs Pacifier from Madeline's Box ( I don't want my baby's pacifier falling on that dirty floor!) 

Swaddle Blankets by Madeline's Box- Our oh so soft swaddle blankets and top knot hats or head wraps are not only extremely comforting for your little one, but will also make the cutest newborn photo in the hospital! 

Baby Wrap by Sollybaby - I'm all about skin to skin that first little while and this will help do the trick without being completely exposed. I used the Sollywrap with my second baby and it's my favorite! 

Going Home Outfit ( and extra sleepers / onesies for the days you're in the hospital) - If you're looking for cute bonnets, look HERE, HERE, and HERE. I love the sleepers from L'oved Baby. I'm all about putting my newborn in a sleeper all day long the first 2 months of his life! We also love the new Layettes from Sollybaby. So soft! 

Bottles just incase! I'm excited to try these out! 

Burp cloths!

Nail Filer / Clipper - This one looks super safe and awesome. Can't wait to try it! 

Car Seat for going home. Yay! We got this one. 

Did I leave anything out? Tell me so I can pack it! :) Remember the most important thing to try to enjoy the time you have in the hospital with you and your newborn. Soak in those moments! Let your husband call, text, take photos, etc. You relax, rest as much as possible and enjoy that baby! 

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