Introducing our BUNDLE SERIES with the "Baby Caia Bundle Deal"!

We are so excited to announce our new BUNDLE SERIES COLLABORATION!
Following Christine on Instagram has been such a treasure.  The way she captures the love for Motherhood is breathtaking and just so sweet.  We are over the moon ecstatic to kick off our new bundle series collaboration with such an amazing creative, mother, memory maker and friend! 
We asked Christine a few questions about motherhood.. We hope that this inspires and encourages you to keep going and know we all are going through the good and the not-so-good together! Enjoy! 
Isn't this duo everything and more? Christine named her bundle after her cute little lady: Caia. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we looked that adorable in a bonnet and swimsui? 

What Drives You to be the Best Mama

I try to stay in-tune with my babes, lining up mine and their feelings and thoughts. Definitely much easier said than done, but this always helps me be the best mom possible for them.

When did you feel like it was time for you to become a mother?

I I have wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember. If you asked me as a small child what I wanted to be when I grow up, the answer would have immediately been "mama of 18 babies".  That number has since changed, but wanting to be a mother has always been and is my main calling. 

Tell us about your children

Lennon is 5 and my sweet firstborn who made the dream of being a mom my reality. He is so precious and sensitive, the most amazing big brother and is incredibly smart. He's starting kindergarten in a few days and while I'm so proud to see him blossom, my mama heart is aching for this chapter to end and a new one to begin. 

Caia is 9 months, and it feels like she has been with us always. She was very wished for, and even though her timing was 100% in His timing, it was beyond perfect. She has lit up our lives with so much added joy and happiness, none of us knew was missing. 

What does home mean to you?

Home is of course the physical place to always come back to, where our things are, where memories are made within our four walls. But it is much more than that too- it is love and connection. It is a feeling. I would say that have have multiple homes, one of them always being my parents home where I grew up in, in Germany.  (cont.)

Brilliant! Clipping toys and teethers to the blanket while at the beach!    

How do balance the mama time and your creative-me time?

They go very much hand and hand. My tiny humans are my biggest muses and inspire most, if not all, of my creativity. 

On a crazy day, what grounds you most?

Grace. So much grace. 2 Cor 12:9

What are your all time favorite moments you share with your children?

Sitting in a quiet room and reading books, both of their tiny bodies nestled close and intently listening to my voice. They are always such rich teaching and bonding moments. Watching them play from afar and soaking in their sweet personalities and mannerisms. Taking little walks and attempting to answer all their crazy questions I half the time can't. Watching them sleep. There are so many...

Best kept mama secret?

Don't compare yourself, and always follow your instinct and heart. You know your babes better than anyone, so be kind to yourself. You're doing the very best job possible. I'm sure :)


Baby Caia Bundle Deal features: 
Acorn Brown, Vintage Rose, Softy Natural and Daffodil Skinny 
This adorable limited edition Bundle will be available for purchase
Set your alarms, limited are available! 
Thanks so much Christine! We adore you and your little family!

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