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Holiday Gift Guide | Must Have Baby Gifts 2020

This holiday gift guide is filled with my personal top favorites for baby 0-12+ months old. Whether you're looking stocking stuffers and gifts for your own baby or a friends', we've got you covered with some of the absolute cutest, on trend, quality baby items you'll find! 

Madeline's Box is a family business ran by mama, Heather Ferguson. She started the business on a whim, creating the perfect pacifier clip for her second baby: the braided pacifier clip. Pacifier clips are essential in Heather's home - the beloved pacifiers and teethers are never lost!

Heather used to make each braided pacifier clip by hand and now mamas all over the united states make them. Every pacifier clip is made paying attention to the closest detail. You'd be surprised how much goes into one pacifier clip! Madeline's Box has a variety of pacifier clips to choose from! They take pride in safety as all MB products are CPSC certified safe and lead free! 

The pacifier clip that started it all: the leather braided pacifier clip and lots of beautiful colors to choose from! All of these pacifier clips are universal and will work with any pacifier or teether toy. 



The Softy braided pacifier clip took months to perfect, but Madeline's Box has perfected it. Made from the softest material, this might become your new favorite ( must have) accessory for baby.


The Beaded Pacifier clip is a classic. With so many adorable styles and options to choose from, you can't go wrong! Madeline's Box beaded pacifier clips not only keep your baby's pacifier or toy off that dirty ground, but they act as a teether too.


Where are all my boho lovers at? Madeline's Box has a small variety of boho pacifier clips to choose from and they're seriously adorable. 


The Linen Pacifier clip has us all swooning! Made from high quality linen fabrics, you'll find the perfect color or design at Madeline's Box. Have fun mixing and matching with your baby's outfits! 

The Cotton Pacifier Clip is made of 100% cotton fabrics. All fabrics are handpicked by the owner, Heather, and the colors and prints are oh so darling! It's hard to choose! 



The Macrame Pacifier clip: timeless and chic, these are always a favorite! 


Madeline's Box offers a variety of teethers. Not only are they safe to chew on but they're adorable! These Baby Tail teethers are made of natural wood (darling shapes) with a linen tail. Babies love the different textures and is soothing for their gums.


Rainbow teethers are always a good idea! 


Madeline's Box teething rings are made of silicone beads and natural wood with so many beautiful colors to choose from! Another fun fact is Madeline's Box pacifier clips work beautifully with the teethers too and keep them off the dirty ground.


Silicone Bibs are another staple in Heather's home with babies! These bibs are the absolute BEST and incredibly easy to clean after each meal. Did I mention they can be thrown in the dishwasher? There are so many darling colors to choose from!


I may be biased, but Madeline's Box swaddle blankets are the softest blankets I've ever felt in my life. They are a generous size for growing baby and have the perfect stretch to make for easy swaddling. They have timeless, beautiful colors and prints to choose from... how do you just choose one? As if these aren't already the best, all floral designs are hand painted by artist Celeste C. Clark! Have fun mixing and matching with their darling top knot hats and head wrap bows! 



Mix and match Madeline's Box head wrap bows and top knot hats with their matching swaddle blankets! The boho knot on these stretchy bows are incredibly cute! 

Bibs pacifiers are found at Madeline's Box in many different colors. Choose between size 1 ( 0-6 months) and size 2 ( 6-12+ months) and they come in a pack of two. A beautiful pairing with Madeline's Box pacifier clips!


Natursutten pacifiers are made of 100% rubber and babies love them! Find them at Madeline's Box! 


Madeline's Box multi use covers are stylish and multifunctional. Made from the same soft, stretchy fabric as their swaddle blankets, these are perfect for mom as a nursing cover, car seat cover, you name it! Find different colors and patterns at Madeline's Box!


Last but not least, the Lovey blanket. These darling loveys are made from the same soft, stretchy fabric as the swaddles and come in many different colors. You can attach your baby's favorite pacifier, teether or toy to these and they will become your baby's best friend. They seriously are the best! 


Happy Shopping! 


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