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Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches

Ok, so if you're anything like me... you are often worried about the safety and well being of your children. It probably doesn't help that I binge watch and listen to true crime stories. There is too much crazy in this world and I am a mama bear. Whether you're like me a lot or a little... let me tell you about the next best thing for your kiddos... our Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches!

I created these a few years ago in hopes to give myself some peace of mind when out and about in public places. It's my hope that they will give you a peace of mind too! I used to always dig in my purse to find a pen so I could write my phone number on my kiddo's arms. Sort of painful for them and time consuming for me. This is when I came up with this idea of temporary tattoos in the form of a watch!


Our Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo watches are perfect for field trips, vacations, outings, and our personal favorite: Disneyland. These watches come in lots of fun colors and patterns. Kids absolutely love them, parents are thankful for them, and they are incredibly easy to apply!

Our watch designs are waterproof and will last an entire day! Waterparks, the beach, you name it! These will easily come off with a little scrub of soap and water or baby oil.

Every watch is customized with your 10 digit phone number incase, heaven forbid, your children get lost in a crowd. Every "watch pack" comes with 4 unique designs ( 16 watches total.) That's only about $2 for an entire day of fun for your kiddo and peace of mind for you!

You can find all of our Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watch packs now in the shop! Be sure to tag us @madelines.box on Instagram so we can see your adventures with our watches! 



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