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A Sister Collaboration

I come from a family of creative people! My dad is an entrepreneur and is always trying new things. He also has a talent in illustrating! My mom loves to decorate and do crafty things. My sisters and I have always loved to draw, paint and create. Both of my sisters, Ashley & Celeste, have pursued their love for art and both are artists and have their own online shops as well. The apple doesn't fall far! 
Since I opened this shop 5 years ago, I've always wanted to collaborate with my artistic sisters... the timing just wasn't right. I'm so excited to say we're releasing a beautiful new print: BLOOM. A collaboration with Celeste C. Clark, my littlest sister.
Celeste is has a unique style of art and is known for her gorgeous floral designs. She is the floral princess! It was so fun to sit down with her and chat about potential designs for this collaboration. I told Celeste I wanted a rustic, floral print... something different than what we have seen on the market. She caught my vision quickly and hand painted some gorgeous florals for us. We then turned them into digital art and now my dream has become a reality. We are so pleased with how this print turned out for our swaddles, blankets, hats, bows, and multi use covers!
I am thrilled about this collaboration and am excited to brag about my sister! If you know her, she is incredibly down to earth, fun-loving, and one of the very best people I know and the cutest mom. She is like a warm fire. I can't wait for you to get to know her a little bit...
what sparked your passion for art? 
I think the immense support from my parents starting at such a young age to let my imagination run wild, no matter what it was, is the reason who I am today. If I wanted to play soccer, I played soccer until I ran myself out. If I wanted to join a pottery class, they would allow me to be in the class until I got bored of it. If I wanted to attend an extra curricular, they would drive me every morning or night to whatever it was until I decided I was over it. My dad sat with me for hours and hours as a young girl drawing caricatures and always had some sort of fun art kit for me to try out every other day. They embraced my artistic side and it flourished from there!
Tell us about your little family: 
I met my hilarious husband while attending college in Provo, Utah in 2012 - he swept me off my feet and got married in 2015! Andrew is known for his very quick witted humor, his "running" advice he shares on his realtor instagram, and the secretive videos I share of him signing opera in the shower. Without a doubt, he will make you laugh, that's what attracted to me in the first place! He's also very handsome ;) Our sweet Wilde was born last year in April of 2018. He loves anything with wheels. We feel so complete as parents and are the happiest we've ever been.
Where is your favorite place to shop?
does anywhere online count? Haha, I really don't love walking around malls! I do love to browse a good thrift/antique store or local hole-in-the-wall biz.. But online I really love Madewell, Zara, Reformation, Maurie and Eve, Yoli and Otis.. just to name a few!
What’s your go-to meal to feed your family? 
We love breakfast!! Scrambled eggs and PB toast are Wilde's favorite. But if you want to get really fancy, we like a yummy and easy meal like grilled cabbage and chicken with roasted sweet potatoes! Healthy and easy as ever!
If you had any advice for a first time mom, what would it be? 
You are allowed to not know it all. You are not expected to breastfeed perfectly right off the bat or to be at the gym 2 weeks after labor. Don't compare!!! Soak in those early slow months, they go by so. dang. fast. And you will sleep again, I promise!
What was it like growing up with Heather? 
I always call Heather my second mom! In a good way :) She's the oldest in the family (9 years older than I am) , I am the baby, so I'm sure had the mom duties passed on to her every now and then when growing up. I remember going to her volleyball games as an elementary kid and I am positive by her example, I ended up following her footsteps and later played volleyball for 8 years! Heather's taught me the importance of family loyalty, strength in the gospel and motherhood. 
What do you love about the custom print you brought to life for Madeline’s Box? 
I'd like to think Madeline's Box is known for it's originality and lovely color choices.. I think this print fits that same description! It makes it's self apart from the other floral prints and the colors are a nice blend of pastels, neutrals and a pop of fun.
Favorite quote or words you live by?
This changes almost weekly for me! This week is my latest illustration I made "I have to - I get to" really puts things into perspective. We are blessed to walk on our own two feet, eat the food in our pantry, enjoy a walk on a sunny day. I am always grateful for the small and big things and try to never take anything for granted!
"Bloom" swaddles, top knot hats, and head wrap bows will be available for pre-sale Tuesday October 29th at 9am PST for 24 hours only! This is a limited edition print and once it's sold out, it's gone forever! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss it! 
You can check out Celeste's beautiful artwork and store HERE
Find her on Instagram: @celestecclark 


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