NEW! Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches

NEW! Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches
by Madeline's Box
It is my number one fear to lose any of my children, as I'm sure all of you mama's would have the same fear. That's why I've created and designed these new Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo watches for your littles to help you mama's feel more at ease in crowded places. 
Each watch comes custom with your contact number on them. There are lots of fun designs to choose from! 
We've also collaborated with the talented Ashley over at @ashandboot on Instagram. She came up with a set of floral designs for our watches. 
You will receive instructions with your order in the mail how to apply and remove these tattoos. They easily come off with a little soap and water or baby oil and they're really easy to put on! Your child will have a lot of fun choosing which style they'd like and will be excited to show these off to their friends! 
Feel better about going on vacations, Disney, the zoo, amusement parks, school field trips, etc with these emergency contact watches by Madeline's Box! 
You can buy them HERE.


Sep 25, 2018

Are these still available? Would love to purchase some.

Jul 19, 2018

Hi I’m interested in your emergency contact temp tattoo watches. What are your pricing?


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