Mama Spotlight - Lindsey Pemberton



I've always wanted to be a mom and when I became one I felt more like myself. Motherhood is a great big bundle. It works best when you embrace it all - the sleepless nights, the cuddles, tempers, babbling, sore-backs, laughter, and the mess (and by mess I mean poop and lots of it). 

Rose, our first daughter, is 21 months and a happy go lucky kid. She is shy at first, but if you give her space she will be best friends with you.  Our second daughter Agnes is nearly 7 months old. She's cuddly, grumpy and just about the sweetest, fattest ball of fuzzy hair you'll ever meet. 

Our house is full of laughter and tears. Although life is simple right now, doing anything feels incredibly complicated. We don't take any fancy trips, just a walk in the park while the sun sets is always enough to make everyone feel happy and refreshed. 

I often remind myself that this is a season. Babies are only babies for a year and then they are toddlers. When I feel myself itching to do something else - be someone else - I remind myself that in this season I get to be a mom. I soak it up, kiss a chubby cheek, and realize that I don't want to be anywhere else. 

Going out and about is still a learning process for me. Every time we step out the door I tell myself, "Okay, here we go, a new adventure, a new challenge." I arm myself with snacks - lots and lots and lots of snacks. Sunscreen and bonnets because we live in sunny, hot Florida. Madeline clips because they are a LIFE SAVER. I can't tell you how many accumulated hours (yes hours) I've spent looking for pacifiers before I started using the clips. Not to mention they keep them from falling on dirty floors and eliminate the whole need-to-wash-the-passy routine. I have about 5-6 in different colors. The acorn brown is my favorite!    

At the end of the day, be patient with yourself. No one is the perfect mom. Don't aim for that.  Aim to love your children the best you know how to every moment you can. 




Thanks so much Lindsey.  You are such an inspiration of the real life mom.  

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